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RMG Rejection Analysis Report

RMG rejection analysis report also an another tools to followup improvement less rejection into process. When management daily followup the process by generating RMG rejection analysis report, departmental process concerns are effective work with his responsibility,

In RMG sectors there are 06 (Six) types of process. The every process has goes to through some rejection. Every Rejection should be reported by the departmental head to top management.

The 06 (Six) types of process are 1) Store & Inventory 2) Cutting 3) Sewing 4) Washing 5) Embroidery& Printing & 6) Finishing. Every process has rejection his won executed process. So, we can say that, rejection analysis report is most important to improve companies profit.

  1. Store & Inventory: Some rejection has occurre initially when fabric received from suppliers with quality fails to checking.
  2. Cutting: Some cut panel rejection has occurre when cutting department cut the fabric with CAD consumption.
  3. Sewing: Sewing rejection is common rejection to every garments factories. It has occurre by stitching, needling, Oiling and so on.
  4. Washing: Washing is also common rejection to every garments factories. It has occurre by lots of washing process.
  5. Embroidery & Printing: Embroidery & Printing rejection is included with cutting department by cut panel.
  6. Finishing: Here the rejection is occurre by concern buying QC or internal QA. The finishing rejection is most important to meet the full shipment. Lots of rejection has occurre in this department.

We can also download the Rejection Analysis Report from here>>>

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