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Banana Chop | Kolar Chop

Banana Chop | Kolar Chop, There are some test in the banana chop. Which is basically a useful diet for the body. And those who do not like to eat food are saying, “Today, I try to give it a little recipe to you and today. And I’ll present that process, it’s a lot of fun and delicious and tasty food. A food that comes out of water like a cold-colored chopper, at home and in a friend’s chat room, the banana Chop is a great breakfast and a fun meal. It will take a while to try it at home but it is very easy. For my convenience, I am from my YouTube channel. Connect the video and the following prepared procedures with ৤If you like it, please subscribe and share it

<span title=”প্রস্তুত প্রনালী :

“>Prepared System of Banana Chop:

<span title=”1৤ কাচা কলা 3টি, সিদ্ধ করে নিতে হবে ৤

“>1 ½ bitter banana 3, must be cooked ৤

<span title=”2৤ ডিম 1টি, সিদ্ধ করে নিতে হবে ৤

“>2৤ egg 1, boil it ৤

<span title=”3৤ ধনিয়া পাতা কুচি, মরিচ কুচি, পেয়াজ কুচি পরিমান মত ৤

“>3৤ coriander leaves, chopped capsicum, and onions like ৤

<span title=”4৤ লবন, জিরা গুরা, পাচফরন গুরা 1 চা চমাচ ৤

“>4৤ salt, cumin gura, pachafaran gur 1 teaspoon ৤

<span title=”5৤ ব্যাসনের ঘোল ৤

“>5৤ rotation wheels ৤

First of all, boiled eggplant buds should be thoroughly cleaned with boiled eggs. Then put all the ingredients together and paste it again. When it is pasted, it will be rounded and then flatten it in hot gram. Serve hot oil until it becomes red. <span title=”ভাজতে হবে ৤

“>To be fried ৤

It turned out to be a great deal of glass chopper ৤ great fun to eat ৤ Absolutely try out the house and subscribe to your feedback.



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