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Workstation is identify the enhance capacity of Garments Sectors

Workstation is identify the enhance capacity of Garments Sectors. Also work station is a special space designed for Production or Revenue source. Intended primarily to be used by one person & One machine at a time, they are commonly connected to a line area and link to another workstation.

Work station is commonly use in IT, RMG and other manufacturing companies. Workstation is a system to identify manufacturing companies capacity. Like that RMG sectors- One machine, One Man and one day means SMV 600MM for Woven unit.

Regulation and observation of the workstation are important issues for a guarantor if the workstation can be used properly. However, performance will be properly regulated and revenue will increase yearly basis.

Work station is the most valuable element of calculation of total capacity of a factory. If we are thinking a 09 (Nine) line woven bottoms factory. Where are involve Some productivity information. Which are-
 Work Station >>>    646  
    Total Manpower >>>>    1198  
    Sewing Man  >>>>    641  
    Sewing Machine >>>>    516  
    Man Machine Ratio   (MMR) >>>>    1.24:1  
    Total Man Machine   Ratio (TMMR) >>>>    2.32:1  
    Working Hr/Day >>>  10  
    Working Days >>>>   302  
    Efficiency >>>    62%  
    Available Standard   Minute in Lac>>>> ???
    Total Available Minute   in Lac >>>>>????
    SM/Pcs >>>>?????
Work station will be efective when it will be measure effectively.

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