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Wastage Minimize Through Cutting Department Using CAD Consumption

Wastage minimize through cutting department is an another tools or technique to improve profitability. RMG Sectors are hampered to maintain his wastage by CAD consumption. CAD consumption is a ratio to maintained wastage fabric (Jhute).

The process on cutting department a complete fabric is input and output through cut panel by the CAD consumption. When delivered the fabric by store department to cutting department also adding wastage and excess cutting.

The excess cutting or cut panel to meet up the full shipment and process loss accordingly. Also excess cutting is more important to reduce short shipment. Short shipment are bad idea for companies to reduce buyer orders.

So, we can say that, Wastage Minimize Through Cutting Department Using CAD Consumption is more important to increase companies profit of RMG sectors. The below inventory tracker format is on cutting department.

Order Information Cutting Department 
Job no.BuyerStylePOOrder Qty
(Gmt. Pcs)
 Fab. Rcv’d from Store (In yd)  Fab. Cutting as per CAD
(In yd
 Actual Fabric Cutting
(In yd)
 Abnormal Loss Fabric (In yd)  Abnormal Loss Fabric In %  Marker Effi %  Cut Qty
(Gmt Pcs) 
 Excess Cutt. In %  Fab. Wastage (In Yd)  Fab. Wastage In %  Dlv. To Sew. Sec.
(Gmt Pcs) 
Cutting Department.

How to maintain the above table, you can watch the video by the link https://www.youtube.com/c/SaifSafe/featured?view_as=subscriber or comment us.

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