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The Tools For Finding Out The Available Minute of Garments Sectors

The tools for finding out the available minute of garments sectors is very important to announce actual capacity. The available minute depends on accepting orders from buyers. Garments are always calculating the capacity by Man/Work Station, Day, Hour with multiplied by 60 (sixty).

If any factory is not accurately identified factories sewing man, work station, days and hour the factory didn’t utilize the whole capacity during the month, and year. After that, the factory is falling down. So, the available minute is a good measurement to convert the production of finished goods.

Some the factories are not sure that, the workstation and the sewing manpower are different. They think both of them are the same. But physically workstation is every process or area.

Work Station: Where a man is involved with a machine or without a machine called a workstation.

ManPower: Every process of production of finished goods which is complete through by man called manpower.

Tools of Available Munite Calculation:

Work Station             1,050                1,050
Manpower             1,110                1,110
Working Hr/Day             11.00                11.00
Working Days                   26                   301
Avg SMV             17.79                22.76
Efficiency* 100% 63.5%60%
Available Capacity Minute (Lac)   12,103,650   131,902,879
Atteneed Minutes   19,047,600   220,512,600
Man Hour         317,460       3,675,210
Available Capacity Minute

If you do not understand the above calculation, please watch the below video properly.

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