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SMV Standard Minute Value Accounts Vs RND

SMV standard minute value Accounts Vs RND is a common debate when working in both in the same organization. SMV is the most common word in RMG or garments sectors. Every order is to be started depend on SMV. The price, FOB, CM, and profit of every common simple is negotiated with SMV.

Here we clarify at first Standard minute value (SMV). As per RND Research and Development department say that a product is an input in the sewing line and between the time of the final process of the finished product the accumulated time is standard minute. Here we find that no value is defined by the standard minute. So, SMV is should be SM. But globally is called SMV. So that we can agree with RND that is globally accepted.

Another by accounting is not called Standard Minute Value because when we identified any terms with value, it’s contained with money. Otherwise, it’s called SM only Standard Minute.

Now, we can calculate the SMV or SM of a completer garment.

A workstation is a special space designed for Production or Revenue source. Intended primarily to be used by one person & One machine at a time, they are commonly connected to a line area and link to another workstation.

Preparation of Work Station Plan a given order from buyer. The below table is contained the required sweing machie, Man & Minute for calculation standared minute value (SMV).

How to Calculate SM
How to Calculate SM
Operation CodeM/CPreparation of  front partSMVTar/HrProcess gradeReq W-PlaceOperatorHelper
939OL4over edge at seam ,facing &single fly double fly 1 x 40.400150Q0.8711 
295LS1 Hem coin pkt opening – 10cm x 10.200300Q0.4311 
 OL3Coin pocket overedge0.100600R0.2211 
547LS2attach coin pkt to seam 16  cm  x 20.300200P0.6511 
122LS1Attach same to pocketing 18 cm 1*20.350171p0.7611 
122LS1Attach facing to pocketing –  18cm 1x 20.350171p0.7611 
344OL3 Close  front pkt bag – 30cm0.300200Q0.6511 
347LS1Invert & top stitch front pkt bag – 18cm0.350171P0.7611 
694OL4Join front rise with single fly  (12 cm)0.320188Q0.6911 
918LS1top stitch at  single fly & zipper join0.350171Q0.7611 
699LS1Attach Double Fly & Zip. W/Right F0.250240Q0.5411 
919LS1join two part after attached  double fly0.400150P0.8711 
95LS2Top stitch J-stitch (22 cm )0.276217SP0.6011 
 LS1attach binding at front pkt opening x 20.400150 0.8711 
116LS1Attach front L/R pocket – 22 cm0.350171P0.7611 
916LS2Roll front pkt opening  1X 20.400150P0.8711 
891LS2High close (14 cm )0.400150Q0.8711 
589LS1Front pkt opening Tack  1x 4 (12 cm)0.250240Q0.5411 
 OL4Overedge at front part side 1×20.400150p0.8711 
  Preparation of  Back part       
129FOAFOA Join back yoke – 23 cm0.300200SP0.6511 
207MAN trim yoke0.242248SI0.521 1
130FOAFOA Join back rise – 33cm0.300200SP0.6511 
 OL5Panel join at back pkt 1×20.300200  11 
827LS1Hem Back  pocket opening -1×20.250240P0.5411 
214IRONIron back pocket  x 2(30-32 cm x 2)0.400150SI0.872 2
131MANMark back pocket location – 2x-Rev0.350171S0.761 1
 MANmeasure & cut reinforcement0.150300 0.431 1
 LS2attach reinforcement at back0.500100 1.3022 
786LS1Attach back pocket0.500120P1.0822 
921LS12nd stitch at back pkt  ( 5 side  )(36 cm x 2)0.500120P1.0811 
 OL4Overedge at back part side 1×20.400150 0.8711 
  Preparation of  Assembling       
142MANMatch front & back0.300200S0.651 1
559OL5Close inseam – 166cm0.500120p1.0822 
476FOATop stitch inseam 115cm0.350171P0.7611 
762OL5O/L-Close Side seam-105cm0.500120P1.0822 
146LS2Top stitch side seam over hips0.460130P1.0011 
 LS1safty stitch at side seam0.400120 1.0822 
384LS1Cut  & tack label0.300200R0.6511 
596LS1attach care label at side with insert poly0.350171R0.7611 
363LS1Make loop 5 pcs0.400150R0.8711 
340MANMark belt loops location – x  50.300200S0.651 1
 IRONIron at patch attach0.250240 0.541 1
 LS1Attach patch at waist belt0.300200 0.6511 
282LS1Attach 5 loops to waist line0.450133P0.9822 
965FUSEFusing at belt, s. fly & D. fly0.350171S0.761 1
967MANmark at belt0.300200S0.651 1
450MANMatch waist belt to body0.350171S0.761 1
564KANSAIAttached  waist belt to body – 90cm  single belt0.460130SP1.0022 
973MANcut belt mouth extension & turn up0.300200S0.651 1
 MANStitch opening at belt  Mouth0.350150S0.871 1
837LS1Mouth Close lower0.350171SP0.7611 
 MANMark at  Mouth & Loop0.250240S0.541 1
838LS1Mouth Close upper0.350171SP0.7611 
348BTBartack 5 loops 5×20.70086P1.5222 
477BTbartack 1/4 to body   x 14 point0.98061P2.1222 
740LS1bottom hem 32 cm0.500120SP1.0811 
 LS1attach main label0.300200 0.6511 
944EHEyelet hole at waist belt  1x 10.140429P0.3011 
  TOTAL20.88   685414
    Machine Requirement: 
Preparation of  front part6.15 LS1260FL0 
Preparation of  Back part4.19 LS270BT4 
Preparation of  Assembling10.54 OL320FUSE1 
Total20.88 OL440KANSAI2 
  Total =68    

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