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How challan process is going in the RMG sector?

The challan process is going in the RMG sector when physical goods movement from one place to another palace. The physical movement of challan is most important to identify the tracking of goods. Every garments company should be maintained sticky due to proper inventory management.

We see that so many types of challan in our daily production process. Theses are-

1.Invoice able Items (Sample, WIP, Finished Goods)

2.Returnable Items (Spare Parts, Repair & Maintenance)

3.Non- Invoice able Items (Sample, Construction Material)

4.Disposable/Wastage Asset/Material Transfer

Inventory Items:

•Raw Materials (Yarn , Fabric)

•Process Materials (Dyes, Chemicals, Accessories)

•WIP (Cut Panels)

Finished Goods (Sample, ready Garments)

Challan Signing Process:

Challan Signing Process

Challan Book Management:

a) Admin Department will maintain and control all types of challan books  through the register.

b) Three types of challan books will be used for invoice able, non-invoice able and returnable goods.

c) Challan books will be issued by the admin department to the responsible person.

d) New challan books will be issued after returning the old ones.

e) When a challan book user left the organization will handover the challan book to the admin department.

f) Challan book movement will be audited by the internal audit department monthly

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