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The Bill of Entry, what are stay in the bill of entry.

The Bill of Entry, what are stay in the bill of entry. An account of goods, when it Import and Export by the customhouse, detailing with the merchant, quantity of goods, their types, and the place of origin or beneficiary. It is issued from the customs presenting the total assigned value and the corresponding duty charged on the Machinery, Car, Fabric  cargo, Accessories etc its called the Bill of Entry. 

The Bill of Entry, what are stay in the bill of entry. In the bill of entry lots of criteria are involves. I explain to you one by one in the below:

1. Declaration number.

2. Consignor/Exporter Name & Address.

3. Page Number.

4. Blank.

5. Items quantity.

6. Total pac quantity.

7. Agent Reference.

8. Consignee/Importer Name and Address.

9. BIN (Business Identification Number).



12. Total Other Cost.


14. Declarant/Agent Name and Address.

15. Country of Export Name.

16. Country of Origin Name.

17. Country of Destination.

18. Name of Carrier/Nationality

19. C.F

20. Delivery Term (CFR)

21. NA

22. Currency total invoice value.

23. Exchange Rate

24. Nature of Transaction.

25. MoT

26. NA

27. Place of Loading/Unloading.

28. Financial and Bank Information.

29. Office of Entry/Exit.

30. Location of Goods.

31. Packages and description of goods

32. Item no.

33. HS Code

34. C. O Code

35. Gross Weight (kg)

36. Agr. CD             37. CPC      38. Net Weight (kg),    39. Visa Ref. 

40. Line Number/SL Number-Cargo Lading No.

41. Quantity/Units     42. Item Price     43. V. M

44. Additional Information, Documents produced Certificates and Authorization.

45. Adjustment     46. Items Assessable Value.

47. Calculation of Taxes. 

48.. Deferred Payment.    49. Identification of warehouse.

50. Accounts Details and Total declaration.

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