Organization Development Massage IS A Important Tools For Better Team Work.

Organizational Development Massage

Organization Development Massage is an important tool for better teamwork. Teamwork is created within the department, unit, and full organization. The organization development massage comes from lots of wise people from our world. The messages are through a signature, art, and written quotation. From an organization, any department head can put the massage which is developing the teamwork. The main role will be demonstrated by the human resource (HR) department. They also develop and design the whole organization related to employees.

Organization Development Massages are-

A) listen to a person when they look at you, not just when they’re taking to you.

B) Hard work beats talent When talent doesn’t work hard.

C) If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door.

Milton Berle
left Vs Right Brian
Boss Vs Leader
Created Through

Deduction of tax at source from non-resident taxpayer’s income (Section 56)

Tax Deduct at Source Non-rasident

অনিবাসী করদাতার আয় হতে উৎসে কর কর্তন (ধারা ৫৬):

অর্থ আইন, ২০১৯ এর মাধমে আয়কর অধ্যাদেশে বিদ্যমান ধারা ৫৬ এর আওতাভুক্ত উৎসে করের খাত ও হার পূণগর্ঠন করা হয়েছে । নতুন বিধান অনুযায়ী কো অনিবাসীকে অর্থ পরিশোধ দায়িত্বপ্রাপ্ত কোন ব্যাক্তি কর্ত্ক যদি এমন কোন অর্থ পরিশোধ করা হয় যা উক্ত ব্যক্তির আয়, তাহলে নিম্নবর্ণতি ছকে বিবৃত খাত ও হার অনুযায়ী উৎসে কর কর্তন করতে হবেঃ

SI. No.Description of Service or PaymentRate of Deduction of Tax
1Advisory of Consultancy Service20%
2Pre shipment Inspection Service20%
3Professional Service, Technical Services, Technical Know-how or Technical Assistance20%
4Architecture, interior design or landscape design, fashion design or process design20%
5 Certification, Rating Etc.20%
6Charge or rent for satellite, airtime or frequency, rent for channel broadcast20%
7Legal Service20%
8Management Service Including Event Management20%
10Royalty, License fee or payments related to intangibles20%
11Interest 20%
12Advertisement Broadcasting20%
13Advertisement making or Digital Marketing15%
14Air Transport or water transport [not being the carrying services mentioned in sections 102 or 103A]7.5%
15Contractor, sub-contractor of manufacturing, process or conversion, civil work, construction, engineering or works of similar nature. 7.5%
17Capital Gain15%
18Insurance Premium10%
19Rental of machinery, equipment’s etc.15%
20Dividend- a) Company
b) any other person, not being a company
21 Artist, singer or player30%
22Salary or remuneration30%
23 Exploration or drilling in petroleum operations5.25%
24Survey for coal, oil or gas exploration5.25%
24AFees, etc. Of surveyors of general insurance company20%
Any Service for making connectivity between oil or gas field and its export point
Any Payments against any services not mentioned above
Any other payments
tax at source from non-resident

অর্থ আইন, ২০১৯ এর মাধ্যমে আয়কর অধ্যাদেশ, ১৯৮৪ তে ধারা ৫৬- এর উপধারা ১ এ একটি প্রোভাইসো সংযোজন করা হয়েছে । সংযোজিত প্রোভাইসো অনুযায়ী কোন কোম্পানির শেয়ার হস্তান্তরের ফলে কো অনিবাসী করদাতা মূলধনী লাভ অর্জন করলে উক্ত মূলধনী লাভের উপর ১৫% হারে উৎসে কার কর্তনপূর্বক সরকারি কোষাগারে জমা প্রাদানের প্রমাণ ব্যতিরেকে শেয়ার হস্তান্তর কার্যকর করার জন্য কোনো উপযুক্ত কর্তপক্ষ উক্তরূপ শেয়ার হস্তান্তর কার্যকর করবেন না ।

অর্থ আইন, ২০১৮ এর মাধ্যমে অনিবাসী করদাতার আবেদনের প্রেক্ষিতে আয়কর প্রদেয় নয় বা হ্রাসকৃত হারে আয়করের প্রযোজ্যতা সংক্রান্ত জাতীয় রাজস্ব বোর্ড কর্তৃক সনদ প্রদানের বিধান করা হয়েছিল। অর্থ আইন, ২০১৯ এর মাধ্যমে আয়কর ধারা ৫৬– এর উপধারা ২ সংশোধন করা হয়েছে। এর ফলে এখন থেকে আবেদনের সাথে প্রয়োজনীয় সকল ধরনের প্রমাণদি দাখিল করা হলে আবেদন প্রাপ্তির ৩০ দিনের মধ্যে অনিবাসীকে সনদ প্রদান করতে হবে । পরিবর্ততি বিধান ২০১৯-২০২০ অর্থ বছর হতে কার্যকর হবে।

Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector

Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector

The Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector is the most essential number to identify proper costing. When you confirm the cut to ship by job number, it’s will help to maintain every process smoothly. Maximum company has one and more units to execute the yearly performance.

The company faces difficulties when he executes the job number on specific orders. This is for your kind notification, as per the demand of merchandiser marketing team, creation of Job number will be done by concern merchandiser.

So, we share a technique for how to execute the job number at the company in order to maintain a symmetrical Job number, we hereby provide a detailed guideline as follows. Herewith the tops mean woven tops and the bottom means woven bottom.

The formation Job Code would be :

Job No. Identification formula in woven business

First, Orders of Woven Tops would be T ; Woven Bottom would be B.

Second , 4 digits code for specific for each job number. The number will start from 1001, then 1002, 1003…..

Third, 3 digits Buyers short code, which in below chart(Table:1)  given for the code for each buyer.

Forth, 2 digits code for year, where for the year 2020 is 20 then 2021 is 21.

At last, 2 digits code for Session i.e AW= Autumn Winter ; SS=Spring Summer.

Key Notes:

  • There is no Space or Symbols between the codes.
  • Duplication of Job number must be prohibited.
  • If any previous Job is submitted & locked, then an additional quantity received against the order, there should create a new Job number for the additional quantity.
  • In the case of a New Buyer, discussion with the concerned person is necessary to generate a new Buyer code for coordination.

How challan process is going in the RMG sector?

challan process is going in the RMG sector

The challan process is going in the RMG sector when physical goods movement from one place to another palace. The physical movement of challan is most important to identify the tracking of goods. Every garments company should be maintained sticky due to proper inventory management.

We see that so many types of challan in our daily production process. Theses are-

1.Invoice able Items (Sample, WIP, Finished Goods)

2.Returnable Items (Spare Parts, Repair & Maintenance)

3.Non- Invoice able Items (Sample, Construction Material)

4.Disposable/Wastage Asset/Material Transfer

Inventory Items:

•Raw Materials (Yarn , Fabric)

•Process Materials (Dyes, Chemicals, Accessories)

•WIP (Cut Panels)

Finished Goods (Sample, ready Garments)

Challan Signing Process:

Challan Signing Process

Challan Book Management:

a) Admin Department will maintain and control all types of challan books  through the register.

b) Three types of challan books will be used for invoice able, non-invoice able and returnable goods.

c) Challan books will be issued by the admin department to the responsible person.

d) New challan books will be issued after returning the old ones.

e) When a challan book user left the organization will handover the challan book to the admin department.

f) Challan book movement will be audited by the internal audit department monthly

How to Calculate Balancing Allowance, Balancing Charge & Capital Gain?

How to Calculate Balancing Allowance, Balancing Charge & Capital Gain?

The calculating balancing allowance, balancing charge and capital gain the terms are most import to know every commerce background student.

A balancing allowance is a type of capital allowance which can be given under several of the allowance codes when an asset is disposed of or the business comes to an end.

SI #Cost Price $WDV $Sales Proceeds $AmountComment
A) $ 90,000.00 $ 60,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $10,000.00  Balancing Allowance
Balancing Allowance

A balancing charge is the opposite of a capital allowance, which reduces the amount of profit you have to pay tax on.

SI #Cost Price $WDV $Sales Proceeds $AmountComment
A) $ 90,000.00 $ 60,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $10,000.00  Balancing Allowance
B) $ 90,000.00 $ 70,000.00 $ 80,000.00 $(10,000.00)   Balancing Charge, Capital Gain Nill
Balancing Charge

Capital gain is an economic concept defined as the profit earned on the sale of an asset which has increased in value over the holding period.

SI #Cost Price $WDV $Sales Proceeds $AmountComment
A) $ 90,000.00 $ 60,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $10,000.00  Balancing Allowance
B) $ 90,000.00 $ 70,000.00 $ 80,000.00 $(10,000.00)   Balancing Charge, Capital Gain Nill
C) $ 90,000.00 $ 70,000.00 $100,000.00 $(30,000.00)Balance Charge, Capital Gain $10,000.00 ($100000-$90000)
A)Bank (Sales) $ 50,000.00
Accu. Dep.90000-60000 $ 30,000.00
Loss on Sales $ 10,000.00
Machinery $ 90,000.00
B)Bank (Sales) $ 80,000.00
Accu. Dep.90000-70000 $ 20,000.00
Machinery $ 90,000.00
Gain on Sales $10,000.00
C)Bank (Sales) $100,000.00
Accu. Dep.90000-70000 $ 20,000.00
Machinery $ 90,000.00
Gain on Sales $ 30,000.00
Balancing Charge $30,000.00 but Maximum is $20,000.00
1 2 3 4 5 25