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The Pandemic Covid-19 (Corona Virus) situation in RMG Sectors

The Pandemic Covid-19 (Corona Virus) situation in RMG Sectors. After Rana plaza incident back in 2013 almost all the brands across the world decided to setup a cluster to establish factory standard. From Infrastructure to worker safety everything was brought under perimeter & rating. Platinum, Gold, Silver such classifications were introduced to let everyone know how good that manufacturing unit is. These fancy ratings involved a huge amount of investments but most of the manufacturers welcomed it as they do appreciate the thoughts behind it and also they do want to keep the business in this country. They want to keep their stakeholders happy in the long time run.

District Wise Covid-19 Positive Cases

Now in 2020 with COVID-19 pandemic across the world – some of the retail brands has shown their back to their vendor garment manufacturing partners by not paying the due. Unfortunately there isn’t any Cluster for manufacturing countries who can rate these retail brands . World need to know how these brands are performing in terms of their social responsibilities like- paying their bills on correct time, not making unethical excuse to cancel orders when sales are down, giving proper respect to the people who are working in manufacturing end. This is high time to collaborate with other manufacturing countries so that there is a governing body who can monitor & take action against these retail brands who are making unethical & selfish decisions.

Dhaka City Covid-19 Positive

Some QA- 01. Such behavior hasn’t grown in overnight..
Some of our respected garments owners & buying agents showed few tricks to lure the buyers for the business..

Which the realistic buyer applied the same in their turns ..

Whatever.. now it’s the time to get the answer on Morality, Ethical business practices etc from the Loud Voices & their partners in crime.. Accord, Alliance, Industrial, & most importantly the local Trade Union Leaders.. who talk so beautiful English in their tours in abroad & in front of media

QA 02. You’ve said the right thing brother 👏👏 And it should make a black list of those retailers brand who are taking the unethical decision..

QA 03. This type of behavior from the buyer is very cruel and most probably they will again start their business in BD but changing their brand name. They just played a nice game to show the lame excuse of store closed to avoid the payment.

QA 04. Sears kmart & Debenhams are culprit for us !!! Both are not taking goods on the other hand carriers are charging us the containers storage cost at destination port

Division Wise Covid-19 Positive Cases

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