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Motor Bike Ride Sharing Service for life lead

Motor Bike Ride Sharing Service for life lead is profitable on not, today we are discussed about it. Now a days we are well known about ride shearing at Dhaka metropolitan. Those are available at Dhaka Metropolitan area by Pathio, Uber, SAM, Sohoz and Let Go. The service are most power full source of income for private service holder, Student and others life struggle people after his day work activity.  My below calculation is to help you which bike is profitable for you for your better earning.
Pathao, Uber, SAM, Sohoz and Let Go Service at Dhaka City by

Pathao  Service
Per Day Calculation
Supporting Information
 100KM per day * 25Days * 12Month=100000M 
 Octen Cost = Tk. 89 Per Litter, Milage 100CC=60, 125CC=50 & 150CC=35 
 Monthly Working Days 25 
For 10Km, for 10 Trip, Every 25Min
Base Fare Tk. 25, Tk. 12/Km, Tk. 0.5/Min)
Service Income:157515751575
Pathio Commisson 20%             315             315              315Okay
Fuel Charge             162             198              254Okay
Mobil Charge               56               56                56Okay
Maintanance per MonthTk. 500               20               20                20Okay
Parts (Tk. 1500 per month)               60               60                60
Depreciation               60               65                73
(Tk. 120000-Tk. 60000)/100000KM=0.60
(Tk. 145000-Tk. 80000)/100000KM=0.65
(Tk. 172500-Tk. 100000)/100000KM=0.73
Total Cost             673             714              779
Cost Per 100KM Per Day                  4                 4                  5
Gross Profit              902             861              796
Less:             192             200              213
Wasted Milage Everyday 20KM               72               80                93
Suppoting Cost ( Internet, Mobile Bill & Net               50               50                50
Snacks               50               50                50Okay
 Risk Assessment Tk. 500 (Surgent, Acce, & Others)               20               20                20
Net Profit             710             661              584
Profit %45%42%37%
 Monthly Net Income              17,758             16,529              14,594
Profitable Ride Sharing Bike Calculation

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