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General Condition of Purchase Procedure or Procurement Plan in Every Organization

General condition of purchase procedure or procurement plan is most important in every organization. It’s more important to every going concern company to run effectively. The below general conditions of purchase procedure. That will be raised by both Buyer and Seller for RMG or any others sectors.

1.- The present sale or purchase will not be completed until Buyer receives the supplier’s full acceptance. This will take place when a duplicate of the order is returned, signed and sealed by the supplier. If this acceptance is not received within a period of 15 days as of the date of the order, the order will be

2.- If, after the scheduled delivery date, the goods have not been received, the purchaser may decide freely whether to accept or reject them, without being under the obligation to pay any compensation whatsoever.

3.- Should there be any difference between the sample on which the order was based and the manufactured goods, the supplier must not dispatch them without the written authorization of the purchaser, who, even in such a case, reserves the right to reject the goods once they have been examined.

4.- The delivery of goods must be made in the agreed quantity; any differences should always maintain the size breakdown proportion to be accepted. The purchaser will accept a difference of a lower amount of stock of up to 5% of the quantity agreed upon in the order. In this case the order for the undelivered goods will be understood as automatically cancelled, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the buyer.

5.- The acceptance, whether manifest or implied, of the order implies the acceptance of the General Conditions of the Labeling Manual and of the particular or special conditions stated above. No modification of these, not the application of any different conditions, will be effective unless they carry the written consent of the purchaser, being signed by an authorized person.

6.- The supplier and the purchaser will be subjected to County law and the jurisdiction and contention of the courts of justice and tribunals of the city foregoing any other which might correspond to them.

7.- The purchased goods must comply with regulations concerning both the composition of textile products and the concretions limits of dangerous substances (such as formal dehido, formalin), that were applicable whatever the market, and the supplier is under the responsibility towards the buyer, for all losses and damages, that the noncompliance of its obligations can carry out.

8.- The supplier warrants that the merchandise does not infringe any third-party proprietary right and/or legislation whatsoever (including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, patent rights, trade secrets rights, unfair competition, etc.) in any territory of the world and will hold the purchaser harmless against any loss, damage, expense or cost, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees, arising from any claim directly or indirectly related to the representations and warranties hereby granted and/or its breach by the supplier.

9.- The payments in Moneywill be ordered on each1st and 15th every month;the payments in USD will be ordered on each 10th and 25th every month; or on next banking day in case of Public Holidays / Weekend.

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