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ITP Suggestion-1st Version

ITP Suggestion-2nd Version

History of Garments Sector in Bangladesh.

The foundation of the textile was first created in the 60s of the 19th century. For the first time, the industry exported shirts (mercury shirt) to the European market in 1965 to 1966, which was produced in Karachi. In the latter case, nine export industries were available in 1977-1978. The three largest industries were then Riaz Garments, Apparel garments Jewel and Paris. Among them, Riaz Clothing was the most famous and oldest industry of the times.

In the first step, clothing Riaz Mohammad Uddin Reaz started his business with a sewing workshop in the name of the Riaz store. In what follows, the name evolved into a Riaz Riaz clothing store in 1973 and since 1978 the company began exporting products abroad by exporting 1 million pieces of shirts to the South Korean company called “Olanda” . “Apparel Desh” is another of the pioneers of the RMG sector in Bangladesh. In 1979, Desh Garments launched a joint project with South Korean company “Daiyuu”.

At the same time, several garments were introduced as Stylecraft limited by Shamsur Rahman, Aristocraft Limitd by AM Subid Ali Azim Group by engineer Mohammad Azim and Fazlul Sunman Group by Major (r) Abdul Mannan.

RMG following sector, other discrete and laborious beginner entrepreneurs began their RMG activity in the country. From there, the RMG sector in Bangladesh was growing day by day and there was no need to look back. Although this sector has gone through several critical stages through the access route. At that time, we learned about child labor in 1994 and in 1995 we made our clothing industry protected against child labor.

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How to Calculate Import stage CD, RD, SD, VAT, AIT & ATV?

AV=> Asses-sable Value.
CD=>Customs Duty.
RD=> Regularity Duty.
SD=> Supplementary Duty.
VAT=> Value Added Tax.
AIT=> Advance Income Tax.
ATV=> Advance Tread VAT.

B/ New Nissan Almera Sedan Car 1500CC Assessable Value after adding insurance & handling charge

Type Tax base Rate % Amount
CD       1,239,945.42 25%      309,986.36
RD       1,239,945.42 4%        49,597.82
SD       1,599,529.59 45%      719,788.32
VAT       2,319,317.91 15%      347,897.69
AIT       1,239,945.42 5%        61,997.27
ATV       2,937,879.99 4%      117,515.20
Total Declaration    1,606,782.65
Tk. Total Declaration 
AV       1,239,945.42
Add. CD @25%          309,986.36             309,986.36
Duty paid Value       1,549,931.78
Add. RD @4% on CD            49,597.82               49,597.82
AV, CD & RD Value       1,599,529.59
Add. SD @45% on AV, CD & RD Value =          719,788.32             719,788.32
Base value on VAT       2,319,317.91
VAT @15%          347,897.69             347,897.69
AIT @5% on AV            61,997.27               61,997.27
ATV @126.67% on Vatable Value muilply @4%          117,515.20             117,515.20

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