How to maintain accounts activity in a RMG Sector?

Accounts Activity

Proper Documentation


Today i will share with you an accounts activity in RMG Sector. When any manufacturing company is involve with foreign buyer for dealing huge dollar $ transaction by bank to bank channel then huge transaction or activity is involve. If you do not maintain in proper way then you have to fall in fault & it’s will be big mistake in your enterprise/company. So, please flow this chart for your betterment and it will be help for you, if you benefited by this site please like or comment….

Accounts Activity

Figure: Flow Chart on RMG

Personal Financial Statement

Hello Frnd,

What’s up, today i give to you an awesome system for maintaining database. which is maintain your everyday Income, Expenses, Assets & Liability by the Excel database. It’s very simple to preserve all data in related with your life. So, Download the file ASAP…. and maintain your daily financial activity and create own-self financial statement like as IAS….Download⇒ Income Statement


 Personal Financial Statement


Save Money without purchase brand lighter

Factory cost reduction

We can save your money by purchasing a lighter. You can asked me question how? but its very simple. When you cook your food by using gas chula and you used specific costly brand lighter but you can use tk. 20.00 lighter. Details watching this video…

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