Important Spare Parts and Price of RMG Sectors machinery

Important Spare Parts and Price of RMG Sectors machinery

Important Spare Parts and Price of RMG Sectors machinery is a most vital part of companies profit and also sustaining or taking good buyer from abroad. New types of machinery are depreciated as reducing balance methods. Which is incurred firstly less repair and maintenance after that gradually it depreciates accelerate basis. That’s the main reason after a few years repair and maintenance is high. The major and important parts and price information as per Bangladeshi companies’ usages. The below reference are-

P/M Rotary Hook, Auto 110-38650, Price BDT 2300/-. P/M Pedal Sensor Volume, E-10, Juki-Japan, Price BDT 3200/-.

B/H Needle Bar Connecting Road, Price BDT 14,700/-

B/H Needle Bar Connecting Road
B/H Needle Bar Connecting Road

B/H Lower Scissor, 800A, Brother, Genuine, Price BDT 1050/-. B/H Rotary Hook, 800A, Brother, Genuine, Price BDT 14,000/-.

Fusing Machine Belt (96″ ^ 36″), Price BDT 13,000/-

B/S AD Timer Solenoid, Juki Genuine, Price BDT 5,800/-

Important Spare Parts and Price of RMG Sectors machinery

B/H Tension Release Solenoid Valve, Price BDT 62,250/-

V/A Shuttle Hook, Genuine, Price BDT 5,200/-. V/A Bobbin Case, Genuine, Price BDT 3,500/-,

B/S Button Clum Slide, Price BDT 3,750/-, P/M Paddle Sensor Regulator Asy, Ec-10, Price BDT 5,200/-.

T/N C/S Looper, Juki, Genuine, Price BDT 6,200/-.

C/M Clutch Set, Price BDT 1,800/-

B/T Rage Body, Juki, Price BDT 8,800/-

T/N Rotery Hook, Juki Japan PN-2261055, Price BDT 6,000/-

B/T AC Servo Motor, Juki Japan PN-400, Price BDT 26,800/-

Description of Short Word-

P/M = Plain Machine, B/H = Button Hole, V/A = Vertical Machine, B/S = Button Stitch , T/N = Two Needle, C/S = Chin Stitch, C/M = Cutting Machine,

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