Child Care Room In Garment Sectors.

Child Care Room in garments sectors are most essential part of female worker. In every establishment, wherein 40 (Forty) or more female workers are ordinarily employed. There shall be provided and maintained one or more suitable room(s) for the use of their children under age of 06 (six) years as per Bangladesh Labour Code, 2006 Sec-94.

Child  Care Room for Femail Worker

Child Care Room

Requirement of Child Care Room:

The room must be provided sufficient spaces, light, and ventilation. Also maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. The room always should be  supervised by a women and she will experienced and trained in the care of children. The room will be easily accessible for the mother of children. So far as is reasonably practicable it shall not be situated in close proximity to any part of the establishment where from vexations fumes, dust or odors come out and in which excessively noisy works are carried on. The room will have to be soundly constructed and all its walls and roof will be of suitable heat-resisting materials and water-proof.

The height of the rooms is not be less than 360 (Three Hundred Sixty) centimeter from the floor to the lowest part of the roof. The floor-space for each child staying therein is being at least 600 (Six Hundred) square centimeter. The room also has securing and maintaining adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air. The child care food must be examine by a food consultant. The food will be including vitamin. Because of the all children are leave without his/her mother.


Type of Workers and Period of Probation.

Working Area

Type of Workers and Period of Probation. The base of the nature and future of the work, the workers employed if any establishment might be classified into the following classes, such as-

a) Apprentices,

b) Badlies (One who remains waiting)

c) Casual

d) Temporary

e) Probationer

f) Permanent.

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Probationer: If the workers is appointed in any permanent post for the time being and he will be called so till completion of the probation period. The probation will be 06 (Six) month for worker employed to do clerical work and such period for other workers will be three months.

If the workers is not performed his skilled, the period of probation will be extended by an additional period of three-month.

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Children are both physically and mentally developing throughout their childhood in a autogarment. They are not always aware of cause and effect and this makes them more vulnerable to safety risks than adults. We at Auto Group therefore have a strong focus on safety for children. It’s important that our children’s products are developed and produced with safety in mind throughout all stages, from design, through production and all the way to the point of sales and beyond. The purpose of this document is to set the Auto Group safety requirements for children’s products, in order to eliminate or minimize safety risks. This documents will cover the most common safety risks in children’s products, but not necessarily all. A risk assessment for children’s safety will be carried out by H&M Group for all children’s products.
All children’s products (age 0-14) must fulfill the safety requirements, also after normal and foreseeable use and abuse.
It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure that Auto Official documents are communicated to all subcontractors, e.g. yarn, fabric and trim suppliers. Auto Group reserves the right to cancel any order, or if already delivered, return/destroy the goods if the safety requirements are not fulfilled. If you have any questions, please contact your local Auto Production office.


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