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Answer to the question of 2nd version.

Dear viewers today I would like to inform you that some viewers are communicate with me due to get the 2nd version question answer. So, here some of attached file for your kind information which is may be helpful for you. If it’s not related with the 2nd version question don’t worry, it must be helpful for ITP preparation. So, don’t west your time download the file as soon as possible and continue the view the my web page for good suggestion because of in future I will give you better topic for another jobs. So, please suggest and subscribe the Channel on YouTube (SAIFSAFE).

Income tax FAQ (NBR)

ITP (Income Tax Practitioner) Suggestion, Syllabus and Q A.

Announcement of Income Tax Practitioner (ITP) Registration-2017

Under Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 of Section-174 and Income Tax Rules 1984 of Section-37, An Application Form & Circular is here, So Visit or Click

Circular of Income Tax Practitioner (ITP) Registration-2017

Click for Application_Form

ITP Suggestion-1st Version

ITP Suggestion-2nd Version