Sub Contract work from Garments to Garments

Sub Contract work from Garments to Garments

Sub Contract work from Garments to Garments is the common process when capacity going idle. The sub contract is not allowed to in 100% RMG export oriented garments factory commonly. But internally involving buyer and BGME both are concerning to execute the sub contract process by inter bond.

Sub contract is most essential job to take proper order form other factory. when capacity blank factory propose or hire some order to other factory, they factory dose offer minimum or low price. On the other hand, when capacity is full and give some order from other factory price will be high.

So, the management is concern about giving or take the sub contract order depended on capacity. The major part of sub contract order give or take by SMV of this order.

Style- 26321S002
Productivity Information:
Price Quotation: 
A. Considering  10% Profit
Factory Overhead             55.24
Nett Profit               6.14
Sales Price            61.38
CM Revenue             61.38
B. Considering  5% Profit
Factory Overhead             55.24
Nett Profit               2.91
Sales Price            58.15
CM Revenue             58.15
C. Considering  0% Profit
Factory Overhead             55.24
Nett Profit                  –  
Sales Price            55.24
CM Revenue             55.24
Sub Contract Pricing in different percentage

The sub contract pricing in different percentage when giving order from other garments factories the above calculation is most appropriate. You may details is below video.

Sub Contract Rate Offer

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Daily Basis Inventory Tracker in RMG Sectors

Daily Basis Inventory Tracker in RMG Sectors

Daily Basis Inventory Tracker in RMG Sectors is most important tools to increase companies profitability. Daily basis inventory tracker is new concept in RMG sectors. Now a days inventory maintain is not commonly used in garments.

Inventory can be anything a business acquires with the intention of selling to customers. Perhaps the most important advantage of inventory management is saving a company money. Inventory is often the largest & liquid asset a company has & deal with. Inventory is also expensive to purchase, putting a company in the red until it sells those products for a profit.

The three main types of inventory are (three forms) >raw materials >>work-in-process inventory >>>finished goods.

Inventory Management is what goes on behind the curtain of any successful business. It is the art and science of balancing supply and demand within a business – of managing the supply chain so that we always have the right amount of product to make a profit.

Here are seven benefits of inventory management control that are too important to ignore. 1.Save Money 2.Satisfy customer 3.Warehouse Organized 4.Save Time 5.Improve Cash flow 6.Maintain optimum Inventory level 7.properly track the cost of inventory for tax and accounting purposes.

Daily Basis inventory tracker advantage- Essential Mixers of an
Integrated Job Costing Report

Integrated Job Costing Report

Daily basis inventory tracker has following features: ● 1.Inventory will be monitor and control from procurement to goods shipment . 2.Integrated inventory management system 3.Order wise material reconciliation 4.Process wise normal loss , abnormal loss ,rejection and lost identification 5.Daily basis inventory tracking and ensuring entry into tally 6.Daily basis order wise productivity monitoring which plays significant role in improving profitability 7.Respective users/department can get benefit from this report 8.Weekly basis process wise order/style analysis