How to Calculate Import stage CD, RD, SD, VAT, AIT & ATV?

How to Calculate Import stage CD, RD, SD, VAT, AIT & ATV? When you import any kind of goods as per traffic. Here I am calculate an unique calculation in import stage CD, RD, SD, VAT, AIT and ATV.





AV=> Asses-sable Value.
CD=>Customs Duty.
RD=> Regularity Duty.
SD=> Supplementary Duty.
VAT=> Value Added Tax.
AIT=> Advance Income Tax.
ATV=> Advance Tread VAT.

How to Calculate


B/ New Nissan Almera Sedan Car 1500CC Assessable Value after adding insurance & handling charge

Type Tax base Rate % Amount
CD       1,239,945.42 25%      309,986.36
RD       1,239,945.42 4%        49,597.82
SD       1,599,529.59 45%      719,788.32
VAT       2,319,317.91 15%      347,897.69
AIT       1,239,945.42 5%        61,997.27
ATV       2,937,879.99 4%      117,515.20
Total Declaration    1,606,782.65
Tk. Total Declaration 
AV       1,239,945.42
Add. CD @25%          309,986.36             309,986.36
Duty paid Value       1,549,931.78
Add. RD @4% on CD            49,597.82               49,597.82
AV, CD & RD Value       1,599,529.59
Add. SD @45% on AV, CD & RD Value =          719,788.32             719,788.32
Base value on VAT       2,319,317.91
VAT @15%          347,897.69             347,897.69
AIT @5% on AV            61,997.27               61,997.27
ATV @126.67% on Vatable Value muilply @4%          117,515.20             117,515.20

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