Mustafeed Fride Chicken (MFC)

MFC is the hottest, spicy & testy food product on MFC will be available in this website on a variates package like as City, District, Village & Home. I am ensuring to all of you it will be more economical & healthful. So, If you take the food or make/cook the recipes at your home don’t hesitated please browse the page.

Mustafeed Fride Chiaken
Package- Home  {MFC}

Now i am discuses about the recipes & later on i will be download a video-

Ingredients : a) Flour & Flour Paste b) Onion Paste c) Chili Powder d) Salt e) Vegetable Oil f) Boiler Chicken and g) Eggs.

Recipes : at first all spice put into the boiler chicken and marinate the meat, after that wait for 30 minute, after that make a paste with an egg, water & flour than take a pics of meat and put into the paste and put into the dry flour after that smear for a while and fall into the hot oil at the last time when the meat convert to like as picture than it’s finished.

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