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Spot Remove Chemical Removing the Garment Spot

Spot Remove Chemical Removing the Garment Spot

Spot Remove Chemical Removing the Garment Spot

Spot remove chemical removing the garment spot is a common process in RMG sectors for removing the Garment spot. When a garment product start his process in different process, some spot is involved in that process. The testing and inspection process by quality checking time, they are finding the spot as quality issue, For that reason, Spot lifter or spot remove chemical is most essential of garments sector.

Here, you will know about how to use different type of chemical to different way and purpose and spot.

Si No. Product NameWeightUOMRateUse & Instruction
1M. R. L250ml340To remove machine ink, oil spot or any normal spot. Rub using a brush using two to three drops. Used on any colored fabric.
2M. R. S250ml280Highly effective for lifting yellow spots. Apply two to three drops of M, R, S by the fingers of the hand and the yellow spot will go away. Rinse with clean water. Caution: Under no circumstances should M, R, S be used on colored fabrics.
3M-2250ml250Can be used for rust stains and any hard stains. Cannot be used on colored fabrics.
4B. T. S250ml330Pen ink, brick gum can be lifted, rub with a brush using two to three drops. The print spot can be picked up. Can be used on any colored fabric.
5Moon Spot Cream250ml320 
6M-১ &420ml420Functional for removing rust spots on any fabric and can be used on any colored fabric. When using M-1, if the cloth turns yellow, wash it with moon spot cream. If the yellow color does not go away using vanix cream then that cloth is no longer usable.
Spot Remove Chemical Removing

Product & Price List of Company GSR Chemical:

SL. NO.Name of ProductQuantityUnit Price
01.G.S.V Cream200 gm280.00
02.G.S.V cream Plus200 gm350.00
03.S.Rival250 ml280.00
04.S.Rival-2250 ml350.00
05.TSR250 ml180.00
06.TSR Plus250 ml550.00
07.R-1250 ml350.00
08.ISV250 ml250.00
09.R-11100 gm60.00
10.Zee Water1 Litre350.00
11.Zee Water Plus1 Litre420.00
12.Seagate1 Litre410.00
13.Seagate-21 Litre610.00
14.PSV250 ml350.00
15.PSV-2250 ml450.00
16.T.C Powder1 kg60.00
Spot Remove Chemical Price List

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