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LC Code & Type introduction

LC Code and Type Introducing

LC Code and Type Introducing

LC code & type introduction are the most common knowledge for tracing the type of LC. The code & type depends on the country base financial institute and the type depends on international. Today I will discuss the Bangladesh bank LC code. The LC is mainly used by the import and export business. Lots of banks are using his won code. The below table is understanding easily the code and type of LC which are Sight, Deferred, Local, Foregain, Cash & EPZ, etc.

BankBank CodeYearLC CodeLC No.
EXIM Bank194522010001
Prime Bank155821041763
LC Introducing
Si No.LC CodeType of LC
101Cash LC Sight
202Cash LC Deferred
303Back to Back (Local Sight)
404Back to Back (Local Deferred)
505Foreign Sight
606Foreign Deferred
909Cash LC Sight/Deferred
1111EPZ Sight
1212EPZ Deferred
Type of LC

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