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Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector

Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector

Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector

The Job Number for Order Costing in RMG Sector is the most essential number to identify proper costing. When you confirm the cut to ship by job number, it’s will help to maintain every process smoothly. Maximum company has one and more units to execute the yearly performance.

The company faces difficulties when he executes the job number on specific orders. This is for your kind notification, as per the demand of merchandiser marketing team, creation of Job number will be done by concern merchandiser.

So, we share a technique for how to execute the job number at the company in order to maintain a symmetrical Job number, we hereby provide a detailed guideline as follows. Herewith the tops mean woven tops and the bottom means woven bottom.

The formation Job Code would be :

Job No. Identification formula in woven business

First, Orders of Woven Tops would be T ; Woven Bottom would be B.

Second , 4 digits code for specific for each job number. The number will start from 1001, then 1002, 1003…..

Third, 3 digits Buyers short code, which in below chart(Table:1)  given for the code for each buyer.

Forth, 2 digits code for year, where for the year 2020 is 20 then 2021 is 21.

At last, 2 digits code for Session i.e AW= Autumn Winter ; SS=Spring Summer.

Key Notes:

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